What We Offer


Hacking-Lab is our online platform for security training. It consists of a portal application, and a network with vulnerable servers.

More than 300 security challenges are available, covering all IT security topics: web security, networking, penetration testing, cryptography, mobile devices, and much more.

Hacking-lab already has a long history, and numerous customers such as universities, companies and national organizations.

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Attack-Defense system

We implemented a bleeding-edge, approved attack-defense system, which allows for dynamic, realistic competitions. Instead of just solving "Jeopardy" security challenges, teams carry out a virtual, online battle against each other.

The system is used for international competitions like the European Cyber Security Challenge.

Hacking-Lab™ for Universities

Hacking-Lab is used by numerous universities and schools around the world. Hacking-Lab challenges are a perfect complement for IT security classes!

With our University Licence, you are entitled to choose any of the available challenges, and manage your own events. Since Hacking-Lab is an online service, no hardware is needed on your side.

Hacking-Lab™ for Companies

We offer a flexible Licence model for companies who wish to use Hacking-Lab for their in-house training and for employee events (e.g. "hackathons"). As an online service, Hacking-Lab helps to keep costs low.